31st Annual
Online | April 30 - May 5, 2021
Building a sustainable, responsible, and resilient global future
31st Annual
Sustainable Innovation and Responsible
Analytics as a Force for Good
Online | April 29 - May 3, 2021
Building a sustainable, responsible, and resilient global future


Conference Tracks

High quality invited research sessions featuring leading researchers, educators and practitioners.

Keynote Sessions

Plenary/keynote sessions and panels by leading POM researchers and practitioners.

Special Events

Meet the Editors, Academic Leaders' Meeting, Networking, E-debate, and Social Events.

Doctoral Consortium

Career building advice and guidance for doctoral students through the Doctoral Consortium.


College Mini-Conferences that bring together scholars with similar research interests.

Workshops & Tutorials

Professional development workshops, symposia, and tutorials on a variety of research, teaching and curriculum oriented topics.

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FEBRUARY 1, 2021

Program Committee

Dr. Scott Webster
General Chair
Dr. Burak Kazaz
Program Co-Chair
Dr. Hongmin Li
Program Co-Chair
Rachna Shah
Program Co-Chair
Ken Klassen
Scheduling Chair
Gerard Burke
VP of Meetings
Xiuli He
VP of Colleges
Bharat Kaku
VP of Finance
Bala Shetty
Associate VP for Sponsorship & Education
Rakesh Mallipeddi
Co-AVP for Sponsorship & Education
Tej Dhakar
Proceedings Editor
Susan Goldstein
Doctoral Consortium Program Co-Chair
Karen Donohue
Doctoral Consortium Program Co-Chair
Nagesh Murthy
Associate Executive Director - Global Initiatives
Gil Souza
Emerging Scholars Co-Chair
Burcu Keskin
Emerging Scholars Co-Chair
Subodha Kumar
Virtual Meetings Expert
Sushil Gupta
Executive director
Seema Singhania
Program Coordinator
Ram Tewari
Coordinator Conference Activities
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