In wake of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, POMS will not be moving forward with its annual conference in April.
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31st Annual
Sustainable Innovation and Responsible Analytics
as a Force for Good
April 23 - 27, 2020
Hyatt Regency
Minneapolis, MN


Conference Tracks

High quality invited research sessions featuring leading researchers, educators and practitioners.

Keynote Sessions

Plenary/keynote sessions and panels by leading POM researchers and practitioners.

Emerging Scholars Program

Opportunities to interview for open positions and meet with job candidates and emerging scholars.

Doctoral Consortium

Career building advice and guidance for doctoral students through the Doctoral Consortium.


College Mini-Conferences that bring together scholars with similar research interests.

Workshops & Tutorials

Professional development workshops, symposia, and tutorials on a variety of research, teaching and curriculum oriented topics.



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Program Committee

Dr. Scott Webster
General Chair
Dr. Burak Kazaz
Program Co-Chair
Dr. Hongmin Li
Program Co-Chair
Rachna Shah
Program Co-Chair
Ken Klassen
Scheduling Chair
Gerard Burke
VP of Meetings
Xiuli He
VP of Colleges
Bharat Kaku
VP of Finance
Bala Shetty
Associate VP for Sponsorship & Education
Rakesh Mallipeddi
Co-AVP for Sponsorship & Education
Tej Dhakar
Proceedings Editor
Claire Senot
Leader in Practice Session Co-Chair
Carrie Queenan
Leader in Practice Session Co-Chair
Susan Goldstein
Doctoral Consortium Program Co-Chair
Karen Donohue
Doctoral Consortium Program Co-Chair
Nagesh Murthy
Associate Executive Director - Global Initiatives
Sushil Gupta
Executive director
Burcu Keskin
Emerging Scholars Co-Chair
Gil Souza
Emerging Scholars Co-Chair
Rami Tewari
Coordinator Conference Activities
Seema Singhania
Program Coordinator
Matt Smith
Website Coordinator
Domenic James
Web Developer
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