What is the name of the institution/sponsor that is hosting this meeting?
Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)
In what form will accepted abstracts be presented at the conference?
You will be making an oral presentation of your accepted abstract at the conference.
Do I need to bring my laptop?
POMS will provide the projector, however, you must bring your own laptop or borrow it from someone. It is recommended that you also bring your presentation on a USB drive/flash drive/thumb drive.
How much time do I have for my presentation?
On average, four presentations are scheduled in each 90-minute session. In some cases, there may be five presentations depending on scheduling constraints.
Will there be conference proceedings?
No, there will be no proceedings. Instead, there will be a Program Book (available online and in printed format) which will provide details of all conference related activities.
I am a POMS member. Why am I receiving the non-­member rate when I attempt to register for the conference?
You have to be a 2019 (the conference year) member to receive member rates. You can verify your membership status and email in your member profile by going to If you are a POMS member (for 2019), please be sure that you use the email listed in your membership profile to register.
Why is my password not working for conference registration?
Please use the “forgot my password” function on the registration page if you cannot remember your password. If that does not work, send an email to Dr. Ram Tewari at
Why was I charged multiple times for my registration?
When you register for the conference, only hit the “Complete Registration” button ONE TIME. If you click this button multiple times, it could create duplicate charges for your registration.Please send an email to Dr. Ram Tewari at if this happens.
What should I do if my credit card was declined during registration?
Please contact your credit card company.
Can I pay by check or wire transfer?
Our system is designed to accept payment by credit card only.
How do I reserve my hotel room/pay for my hotel reservation?
Please use the “Hotel/Other Services” link on the 2019 Conference Website. Pay close attention to their reservation policies on charges as well as cancellation policies.

If the hotel is sold out please write to Ms. Seema Singhania at
I cannot attend the conference. What should I do about my abstract?
Please email all details about your abstract (abstract number, title of presentation, and track to which it was submitted) to Dr. Ram Tewari at the following address: We will modify the program, remove your registration and, process a refund (according to the refund policies mentioned earlier) if you have already registered for the conference. Make sure that none of your coauthors will present the paper.
How and when do I get the receipt for payment of registration fees?
You can print it online immediately after registration. The registration receipt will also be provided at the time of registration check-in.

For any other questions please contact Ms. Seema Singhania at