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General Chair
Subodha Kumar

Program Co-Chair
Funda Sahin

Program Co-Chair
Emre Demirezen

Executive Director
Sushil Gupta

Scheduling Chair
Ken Klassen

VP of Meetings (2017)
Bharat Kaku

VP of Colleges (2017)
VP of Meetings (2018)
Gerald Burke

VP of Colleges
Xiuli He

Associate VP for Sponsorship
Shailesh Kulkarni

Associate Executive Director - Global Initiatives
Nagesh Murthy

Proceedings Editor
Karca D. Aral

Leader in Practice Session Co-Chair
Mohan Sodhi

Leader in Practice Session Co-Chair
Claire Senot

Emerging Scholars Program Chair
Jack Kanet

Doctoral Consortium Program Chair
Ravi Subramanian

Coordinator Conference Activities
Ram Tewari

Program Coordinator
Seema Singhania

Website Coordinator
Matthew Smith

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