General Chair
Subodha Kumar

Program Co-Chair
Funda Sahin

Program Co-Chair
Emre Demirezen

Executive Director
Sushil Gupta

Scheduling Chair
Ken Klassen

VP of Meetings
Bharat Kaku

VP of Colleges
Gerald Burke

Associate VP for Sponsorship
Shailesh Kulkarni

Associate Executive Director - Global Initiatives
Nagesh Murthy

Proceedings Editor
Karca D. Aral

Leader in Practice Session Co-Chair
Mohan Sodhi

Leader in Practice Session Co-Chair
Claire Senot

Emerging Scholars Program Chair
Jack Kanet

Doctoral Consortium Program Chair
Ravi Subramanian

Coordinator Conference Activities
Ram Tewari

Program Coordinator
Seema Singhania

Website Coordinator
Matthew Smith

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