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Note: Please also visit the link “Frequently Asked Questions (FQA). You might find answers to your questions in that document. If you do not find answer to your question, please contact us as per the following contact information. For a speedy response, please contact only the designated people. 


General Conference Queries and Questions regarding Registration

Please write to:


Abstract Related Questions:  

Contact respective track chair and copy your message to the following email address: Program CoChairs (Sriram Narayanan – Michigan State University, and Rogelio Oliva – Texas A&M University) will monitor these emails.


You can find the name of the track chairs at the following link.  


 Hard Copy of Acceptance Letters:

Please send your request to  

The program co-chairs (Sriram Narayanan – Michigan State University, and Rogelio Oliva – Texas A&M University) will monitor these emails regularly. When sending the request, please quote your accepted abstract number, paper name, paper title, and affiliation. Letters will only be sent to the registered email address in our database. We do not address the letters or send the letters to the embassies for VISA purposes.


Scheduling of Presentations:  

Contact respective track chair. You can find the name of the track chair at the following link.  

Also send a copy of your request to Ken Klassen, Scheduling Chair, at:


Doctoral Consortium Questions:

Contact Rachna Shah, Chair of the Doctoral Consortium at:


Full Length Paper Questions:

Contact Proceedings co-editors Christian Rossetti and Amit Kakkad at:


College Conferences:  

Contact Gerard Burke, Vice President of Colleges at:


Emerging Scholars Program:

Contact John Kanet, Emerging Scholars Chair at:


POMS Membership Questions:

Contact Metin Cakanyildirim, Associate Executive Director at:


Technical Problems:

Contact Ashley Ellison, POMS Assistant at:



Contact Shailesh Kulkarni, Associate VP for Sponsorship at:

For all other questions:

Contact Sushil Gupta, POMS Executive Director at: