Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the name of the institution/sponsor   that is hosting this meeting?

A: POMS: Production and Operations Management Society.

Q: In what form will accepted abstracts be presented at the conference?  

A: You will be making an oral presentation of your accepted abstract at the conference.

Q: Do I need to bring my laptop?

A: POMS will provide the projector. You have to bring your own laptop or borrow it from someone. Bring your presentation on flash drive (thumb drive).

Q: How much time do I have for presentation?

A: We schedule on an average four presentations in a 90 minutes session. In some cases, there may be five presentations depending on the scheduling constraints.

Q: Do I have to submit a full length paper and present it to participate in the conference?  

A: Fulllength papers are not required to attend or present at the conference. Only for inclusion in the

Q: When can I submit a full-length paper?

A. Full-length papers can be submitted once the abstract is accepted. Please see the important dates document on the conference website.


Q: Will there be a conference proceeding?

A: The proceedings, containing full length papers, will be on a CD. The physical proceedings book does not have the full-length papers. The papers are not refereed. The physical proceedings and the CD, both, will have separate ISBN numbers that can be used for citation purposes.

Q: Will my full length paper be included in the proceedings if it is accepted and I have registered for the conference but I do not attend the conference.

A. In such a case the full length paper will not be included in the proceedings.

Q: I am a POMS member. Why am I receiving the nonmember rate when I attempt to register for the conference?  

A: If you are a POMS member (for 2016), please be sure that your POMS membership email and your conference registration email are the same. You can verify your membership email by going to and clicking onMembers Searchat the top.  


Q: Why is my password not working for conference registration?

A: Please use the forgot my password function on the registration page if you cannot remember your password.  You might be using the password that is assigned to you to renew your membership. Your conference registration password is different from the password for membership renewal.


Q: Why was I charged multiple times for my registration?

A: When you register for the conference, only hit the Complete  Registration  button ONE TIME. If you click this button multiple times, it could create duplicate charges for your registration. Please contact us at if this occurs.  


Q: How do I reserve my hotel room/pay for my hotel reservation?

A: Please use the Hotel Reservation  links on the POMS conference  website to reserve your hotel room. Your credit card is needed to hold the reservation but will not be charged for the full amount of your stay; you will only be charged for one night upon reserving  your room. If for any reason you need to cancel, please contact the hotel within 96 hours of your scheduled reservation.

Q: I cannot attend the conference. What should I do about my abstract?  

A: Please  email us the information at  and we will remove  your  registration  and process a refund  if you have already  registered  for the conference.  Please include  the abstract numbers and titles to be withdrawn if no coauthor can present.


Q: How and when do I get the receipt for payment of registration fees?

A: The registration receipt will be provided at the time of registration check in.

Refund Policy

·       Friday, March 18, 2016: Last day for full refund of registration fees.

·       Friday, April 29, 2016: Last day for partial (50%) refunds of registration  

·       Note: No refunds after April 29, 2016.